I use Silicon-lined Micro-links, also known as "Linkies". Nothing is glued to your hair; there is no time-consuming weaving or braiding, and there is no tension stress pulling your hair because of the extension, and the linkie is nearly weightless. Once the full head of extensions is applied, I razor cut the extension hair to blend as naturally as possible with your own hair. The end result is a beautiful, natural-looking head of hair, which typically takes about 4-6 hours and lasts about 2-3 months. With proper care and routine follow up maintenance, the hair can be used for 6 months to a year.


A section of the client hair is put into a small silicon-lined metal micro-link tube, called a linkie. Then a pre-bonded human hair extension is put into the linkie tube. A special clamp tool closes the tube around the hair, holding the extension in. Removing is just as quick and simple. To remove, the clamp tool is used to squeeze the tube open again in the round position. The micro-link slips right off with the extension, which can be reused for several months.


Hair Extensions are an investment. They are expensive, but this is your hair we are talking about. You want a skilled expert, and quality hair. Hair for women is a big self esteem issue, and you don’t want to spend less and get lower quality hair that won’t last or look healthy, or have someone less experienced damage your hair. You want quality hair, and an Extension Artist who loves what they do, and has years of experience and a good reputation.




Alisha did a totally fantastic job on my hair extensions! She is extremely attentive and doesn't waste any time. She placed over 200 individual extensions in my hair about 3-4 weeks ago and they still look fabulous. I have short, uneven (from shaving the side of my head about a year ago), platinum blonde hair and I was feeling really insecure about it. I set up a consultation with her, she thoroughly answered all my questions, I received really good vibes from her, and was confident to go forth with letting her put them in. She was available only 2 days later which kept my excitement at an all time high. I can honestly say it was money well spent and my hair is long and beautiful again! I plan on setting up a maintenance appt in a couple of weeks and hope to keep them in for as long as possible.

I highly recommend Alisha's hair extension skills! She's very professional and a total sweetheart. Her rates are fair and the hair is great quality.
Thanks again Alisha!! - Michele K.


"Alisha is fantastic! She will go out of her way to make sure you have a great experience with your extensions. She is very patient and a perfectionist when in comes to installing the extensions and maintaining them. She is always available if you need your extensions tightened and she is very knowledgeable and provides lots of helpful information to ensure you get the most out of your extensions."

​- Cecila A.


Salon Flux
1042 Hyde Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 409-8530 stylist



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